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1. Introduction

Previewww enables previewing web sites in a preview pane of Windows Explorer by selecting Internet shortcuts from Windows Explorer folder. Previewww loads only textual contents of a web page.

Internet shortcut is a Windows built-in file type which acts like a shortcut but instead of referring to local files it refers to web pages. Internet shortcut files may have extension .url or .website. The latter shortcuts are named Pinned Site Shortcuts.

Previewww itself does not render the web site preview; instead, it delegates to preinstalled previewer for HTML files.

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2. Installation and removal

Administrative rights are required to perform installation and removal.

Automatic installation

Use the provided installer to install and remove the product.

Manual installation

Copy the product's file to desired location and register it with the regsvr32 utility:

regsvr32 previewww.dll

To uninstall the product, run regsvr32 with the -u option:

regsvr32 -u previewww.dll

then delete the file. You may need to logoff prior to deleting as the shell extension modules are usually locked by shell.

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3. Previewing web sites

Make sure that Windows Explorer's preview pane is visible and click an Internet shortcut which refers to a web site that you wish to preview.

Pic. 1. displayed in preview pane of Windows Explorer.

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4. Creating Internet shortcuts

To create Internet shortcut, do one of the following:

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5. Known issues

  1. When clicking a link in preview pane the linked page should normally open in a web browser. This may fail, however, with the message about invalid link being displayed in the pane. To restore web page display deselect and select the shortcut or refresh the folder view by pressing <F5> or clicking View > Refresh from Windows Explorer menu.
  2. When dragging a link from preview pane Windows Explorer may hang and should be closed and restarted.
  3. Previewing may occasionally stop working, displaying "File can't be previewed" in preview pane. To resolve, temporarily set Internet Explorer as default web browser and double-click any Internet shortcut to open it in Internet Explorer. Then you can restore a browser of your choice as the default one.

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6. File shortcuts

As a side feature, Previewww supports previewing files referred to by the regular shortcuts (having extension .lnk). You can preview such a file by clicking its shortcut in Windows Explorer folder.

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7. Getting further help

You can send questions and feedback by e-mail: support (at) evilapp (dot) com,

or via Twitter:

Follow @evilapp to receive notifications about new product releases.

You can also subscribe to RSS feed.

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8. Version history

version 1.1 released 16-Jul-2014
Implemented previewing files referred to by the regular shortcuts (having extension .lnk).
Added support for .website files.
version 1.0 released 18-Jul-2013
First release

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9. Disclaimer

The software is provided "AS IS" without any warranty, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The author will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages due to loss of data or any other reason.

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