Registry Shortcuts
A registry shortcut is like regular shortcut but instead referring to a file or folder it refers to a registry key. The shortcut allows to quickly navigate to the registry key in Registry Editor and to view the values for the key in Windows Explorer.
Download installer:
Help file included
32-bit: regshortcuts-1.4.1-x86-setup.exe 491k
64-bit: regshortcuts-1.4.1-amd64-setup.exe 508k

Or download files for manual installation:
Manual installation is as simple as registering a DLL with the regsvr32 utility
32-bit: 135k
64-bit: 147k
Help file: regshortcuts.chm* 108k

Platform: Windows Vista or later
License: Freeware
Current Version: 1.4.1
Last Updated: 17-Sep-2021
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